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Titanium is forever


Mad in Italy’s madness stimulates creativity, present in Italy’s DNA. In our frames color, technology and materials are merged in a creative way. Madness is a key distinguishing factor without ever being extravagant.

Good taste

Italy’s past gives Italians the gift of good taste and a sense of beauty. For this reason we seek harmony in all projects and unite balanced shapes, colors and technology. Thanks to this and many other features our collection is never bold, but always stands out.

Our product values:


Our eyeglasses are an eulogy to live life in a light and playful way. For the Mad in Italy team one of the first steps to look at things by wearing light, comfortable and perfectly fitting glasses. The second step is to have  a bit of self-irony and we underline this by naming our frames with silly names that make you smile… And challenge your Italian pronunciation! :)