Mad in Italy doesn’t sell eyeglasses with prescription through Mad in Italy’s authorized retailers will be glad to assist you with prescription lenses and/or changing the lens on sunglasses where possible. It is important to visit your optician in person to ensure the correct fit and lens for you. Please visit the Mad in Italy locator to find an authorized retailer to assist you.

The products you see on are the same you can find in optical stores although styles in stores may vary. 

Mad in Italy can only guarantee the authenticity of Mad in Italy products purchased through or our authorized retailers. Mad in Italy cannot guarantee the authenticity of items purchased from individuals or through unauthorized sales channels (eBay, Amazon, etc.). Items purchased from individuals or unauthorized sales channels will not be covered by our warranty.

Items usually look the same from picture to reality, however, computer monitors may vary, so the colors on your screen may appear slightly different than the actual product. Please be aware that the mirror effect in some of our Mad in Italy Up frames is iridescent and changes from different points of view. On Mad in Italy Up mirrored frames the description of the color describes the main tonality of the mask used to make the front face. Also, patterns in some metal frames are custom and unique to each finished product.

Eyewear is sized in millimeters and is measured as follows: lens width, bridge size, temple length.

To maintain the perfect look of your Mad in Italy frames, you should clean them completely and regularly using the accompanying Mad in Italy cleaning cloth or glove or a similar gentle microfiber cleaning cloth. Use only water to remove stains or dirt from frames. In the case of stronger dirt stains or make up caught in the pores of the material, then please use the microfiber cloth with water and a mild soap to clean the area.

Frames affected by persistent stains due to intensive heavy use or other factors may be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath if absolutely necessary in this case you may ask your optician if he can do it. It is not recommended to use solvents or any other alcohol based cleaning agents for cleaning frames, because these can damage the surface and silicone parts as well as the lenses.

For Mad in Italy Up frames using harsh detergent, solvents or any other alcohol based cleaning agents for cleaning is strongly discouraged. In addition pay attention to the strong fluctuation of temperature, especially heat, they might damage nylon parts. 

The plastic lenses used in Mad in Italy sunglasses conform to the major international safety provisions for UV rays. Enclosed in your Mad in Italy sunglasses packaging there is a specific information about the filter category of your lenses. Moreover the lens category number is printed inside one temple of the sunglasses. The below table details the different levels of tinted lenses and which light conditions they are suitable for (according to DIN EN ISO 12312-1:2015-12):

  • CAT 0, clear to subtle tint (<20%), weak protection against sunlight;
  • CAT 1, light tint (20-57%), protection against mild sunlight on overcast days;
  • CAT 2, medium tint (57-82%), protection against medium to strong sunlight, normal glare protection in moderate conditions;
  • CAT 3, dark tint (82-92%), protection against strong sunlight, on water surfaces, the beach, mountain regions and regions with stronger light conditions;
  • CAT 4, very dark tint (92-97%), protection against extremely sharp sunlight, in alpine regions and glaciers. Not suitable for driving.
  • All lenses are unsuitable for looking directly into the sun or driving at night. 

    If your glasses are fitted with polarized lenses for extended anti-glare protection, please remember that the visibility of LCD displays (for example on your mobile phone, laptop, motor vehicle or airplane instrument panels) may be impaired. When a Mad in Italy frame is fitted with polarized lenses you will find the word “POLARIZED” on the frame.

    For any questions please get in touch with our customer service via email: or via phone: +39 0439 190 46 80 from Monday to Friday, from 8:30-12:30 to 1:30-5:30.