The materials used in our core business are a reflection of us as people:
their flexibility means they are able to embrace new ideas, yet they are strong so don’t break when the going gets tough.


Acetate, which is highly malleable and versatile, allows us to turn even the craziest ideas into objects, creating fascinating three-dimensional and light effects. Because, let’s be honest, looks do matter.


Titanium, on the other hand, is an ongoing challenge for us: to bring our wildest ideas to life using a material that is tricky to source and process. But we relish a challenge, we really do, and we’ve got the resources to overcome them.

All the materials we use to produce our eyewear are extremely safe for wearers. From the acetate to the coated titanium and small parts.

Bespoke components

All our eyewear parts have one thing in common - bespoke components: high-quality hinges and core wires which make all movements smooth, graceful and precise. Sometimes they are so small (even tiny) you can’t actually see them, but they are fundamental for our glasses to function properly. It's tough, but someone’s got to do it. And they excel at it.